Lady Hawks Lose to Undefeated Trojans at Home


Lady hawks gather around to talk with Coach Seymour

Garrett Love, Sports Writer

The Lakeland Lady Hawks faced off against The Post Falls Lady Trojans in their sixth game of the season. The Lakeland Lady hawks fall short of the win having 37 points while the Lady Trojans had 66.

Both of the girl’s basketballs teams started off well in the first quarter. The Lakeland Lady Hawks scored 21 in the first while the Post Falls Lady Trojans scored 27. 

When asked about their instant success, the Lady Trojans coach said, “Lakeland started off strong. Addie Kiefer was really hard to stop in the first half.”

Kiefer’s offensive performance was great and scored 17 in the first half, and finished with 19 and the most score 9 of Kiefer’s points were scored from free throws.

When asked what the team did differently in the second half to help them win, the Lady Trojans coach stated, “We started to play defense better, slowed down Addie Kiefer a little bit, and started to try harder to play as a team.”

Americus Crane came into the game hot scoring a total of 19 points with 15 of those in the first quarter. Capri sims played really well too and scored a total of 16 points in the entire game.

Coach Seymour for the Lakeland Lady Hawks stated that “We were playing well as a team in the first quarter, and putting up 21 in the first quarter was a good start. But after that our defense and team play went down from there and couldn’t handle the pressure.”

It was a very physical game with the Post Falls Lady Trojans having a total of 20 fouls and the Lakeland Lady Hawks had 13. 

The Lakeland Lady Hawks will be facing off against the Lewiston Lady Bengals on December 10th at Lakeland.