Students Driving in Winter


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Writer

Driving in the snow is one of the most stressful driving periods for all ages. As for teenagers, they are a little less experienced than most adults.

At Lakeland Highschool we’ve seen a lot of students get rear-ended and rear end others, slide and even manage to slide off the side of the road and struggle to get out. One of the more common things we’ve seen is students doing donuts in the parking lot once a certain area is free.

Winter driving is to be taken seriously and it isn’t exactly perceived that way through some students. There are students who don’t fear the snow and others who do.

Sydney Gerrior, a junior, is one of the drivers who absolutely hates driving in the snow. She’s had many sliding encounters and even moments where she’s been just a few cars away from a wreck. When there is ice, she will avoid driving as much as she can until the ground is clear.

Students who are afraid to drive in the snow or overall just afraid to drive in the winter, tend to be the people who hold up traffic, get places later, and are paranoid and more worried about the common factor of sliding than actually driving.

Countless times you see students at Lakeland you see student drivers who don’t care about what happens they want an adrenaline rush.

Like Blake Adamen, another junior, he’s drifted and spun donuts countless times during the summer and the winter. Just the other day when he “tried to drive normally” he managed to flip his car up on its side. Now he has to get driven to school by whomever.

Even abiding by the rules of driving during the winter can be difficult, for example, having to stop going downhill. There’s a good chance that you’re not gonna stop if you don’t think ahead so you could slide through a stop sign or a light.

The other day a smaller vehicle had gone through just that trying to get onto Highway 41 from the Lakeland parking lot, thankfully the driver heading towards them slowed down making it easier for them to gain control of the vehicle.

One way to prevent accidents, especially at a school, is to quite literally baby-proof the rules of driving. By driving like there are police watching you. We’ve all noticed traffic is going to be at its prime when there are police around. 

That’s just how it is, so if one could pretend that they are being watched they are more likely to drive their best and avoid conflict than one who per se wouldn’t