What Hobbies Are Popular?


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Writer

In this generation, families and people have different hobbies and activities they like to do. You have the hunting, city, boating, constantly moving or even military families. But more commonly now, you have the video games family.

Students of all grades have played or still play video games and some even spend lots of money on them.

What family is more common? Well here in North Idaho/Kootenai County, it’s mixed people in the city are more likely to play video games than the people who live in small towns or out on the prairies.

The people who live out on large amounts of property are more likely to be a farming or hunting family, at least here in Idaho.

At Lakeland, Sam Wilt, he’s into all sorts of games. “My family and I play a lot of games but there are definitely things outside we like doing” There’s a lot of people who do a lot of everything but have a certain interest that they’re driven to.   

Video games have practically taken over teenagers’ lives, it’s even becoming a place where if they make a youtube or stream about it they can make money off of themselves. Some people make millions of dollars while others make just a few.

Another hobby more commonly here in Rathdrum, is hunting. But you’d be surprised that there are more parents that hunt than students but as for the students who do, they are easy to point out mainly because of their vehicles, their education on it, or the way they dress.

A lot of people bring politics into hunting and say that only a certain party participates in said activity. With that it starts arguments and students tend to overreact.

There are also families/students who love parties and try to get into any one that is going on, but there’s more “party people” in Coeur d’Alene and parties in general just because that’s a well known city as for the Kootenai Area.