Game of the Century


Michael Locke, News Writer

  This year the Leadership class is hosting a basketball game with past athletes and coaches who played basketball.

It is called the Alumni Game and was played on Wednesday at 7:30 in the main gym. 

Allison Knoll and the Leadership class thought this would be a good way to raise money for the Lakeland Strong account, which helps Lakeland families in need.

Tim Kiefer, a coach and weights teacher at Lakeland, said the only reason why he is doing this is that it is going to a good cause.

“When you get older it is harder to play sports”, said Kiefer.

Including Kiefer, there are 19 people total who coached or played participated in the Alumni game.

One of the best basketball players to ever play at Lakeland, Tyrel Derrick, had some things to say about the upcoming game.

This is an exciting opportunity to have all of our former athletes come back to our school. From an alumni perspective, this is a great opportunity to see the direction of the program and school by introducing ourselves back into what Lakeland is up to. Conversely, from a former player’s perspective I am really embracing the idea of playing with old teammates, and praying daily leading up to it so I don’t end up in the hospital from being out of shape and tearing something”, said Derrick.

 Tyrel was a Point Guard for Dave Stockwell’s Lakeland Team for 4 years. He was MVP of the league 2x, 2nd Team All-State, North Idaho Basketball Player of the Year 2x, and North Idaho Male Athlete of the Year his senior year. 

The game went to a great cause and with the people’s help, the school will raise a lot of money from the event.