Is Idaho Growing Too Quickly


Micheal Locke, News Writer

Idaho has been growing by the thousands slowly over time . Many people from different states and countries have come here, but is it a good thing?

“ Well I feel that there are a lot of people trying to escape from where they are, which I’m okay with but what I hate is their wacko family members and friends following them and trying to make Idaho liberal”, said John.

John also said that most of the people moving up here like Trump and the guns. Some people also assume that we are redneck hillbillies with no teeth.

“ I definitely think it is a good thing, it allows small communities to grow and diversify and great economic opportunities,” said Wirtz. 

He also said that the district is starting to fill up with new students and it shows because the community does not want to build a new school.

Liam Bradford, a Sophomore  at Lakeland moved here from California last year, and he understands the common people’s point of view that it is overall negative. He thinks people need to take into account that people want to move here and be part of the culture here. 

This state has changed so much over the past few years.

All the empty fields and forest that used to be here are either apartments or houses. It’s not a bad thing because Idaho still has beautiful forests, but many people are frustrated because many people grew up in these woods .

I personally feel that there are good people moving up here who want to get away from the crazy cities in other states, but there are also people who want to change this state in a negative way. I think people should try to get along and figure out a way to try to make both sides happy. The happier we are as a state the better this state will be.

Note: This is an opinion article written by news writer Michael Locke