Clean and Green


Mrs. Hall, left, picks up trash around campus with sophomore Miles Peterson

Shelby Larcher, News Writer

New clubs are appearing at Lakeland High School each year. One of the newest that has been introduced  by teacher Shannon Hall is the Clean and Green Club. 

The Clean and Green club is a club in which students get together once a month and clean up around the school. During the warmer times of the school year the students involved in the club will pick up outside of the school and during the cooler times throughout the inside and in classrooms. 

When working at Timberlake Highschool from 1999-2008, Mrs. Hall taught the Leadership class. Once a month she and her students would clean the outside grounds of the school to improve the quality and look of the school.

Hall feels that it’s important to alleviate some of the stress that leadership has on their plate, so she, “thought this was something other students could do to help out the school.” 

“Lakeland High School’s maintenance team does an excellent job keeping up the school, but there are only so many hours in the day, so helping out where we can is the right thing to do,” said Mrs. Hall.

Valuing the greenery of Lakeland’s beautiful campus provides, “personal satisfaction that comes from helping out at your school,” she added.

Despite the satisfaction one may have, this club also looks very good for college applications, falling under the extracurricular activities. Students also accumulate community service and volunteer hours which help them to apply for certain college scholarships. 

Lakeland’s Clean and Green Club has a leadership committee of juniors who wanted to spearhead the group, according to Hall. Brady Hanna, Ryan Genteman, Avery Scott-Fudge, or Matthew Wirtz, are all able to provide information to students interested in joining the club. 

Brady Hanna, one of the head members on the club committee agrees with the fact that Lakeland High school is an important place and deserves to “stay in good shape.” 

The first clean-up was held on Nov. 4, at 11 am, and Hanna thought it went very well. There was a lot accomplished and, “a decent turnout for the first meeting of a club,” he said. 

There seems to be hope that it will continue for years to come. 

The club is well organized and due to the turnout of just the first meeting that can ensure great promise “that there will always be people out there willing to help,” said junior, Brady Hanna.