Lady Hawks Volleyball Season Recap


Colin Killian, Sports Writer

After winning the 4A state championship last year, the Lady Hawks finished the season with a record of 8-9-1 and a league title. 

The Lady Hawks volleyball season has concluded with a heartbreaking loss in the district tournament against the Moscow Lady Bears of a score of 3-2.

The Lady Bears came out strong winning the first set 25-21. The Hawks then won the next set 25-20. The Lady Bears then won the next set of the same score 25-20. The Lady Hawks then won by a large margin 25-7 evening the score of the match 2-2. The Lady Bears then won the final set 17-15.

Junior middle hitter, Kenna Simon, believes that this was a really good season despite it not ending how they all wanted it to.

“I think overall it was a really good season,” Simon stated.

Another Junior, Ellie Carlson, stepped up and took over the job of libero as junior. You can see who the Libero is wearing a different colored jersey. 

A libero is a special defensive player that is only allowed to play back row players. The libero can also quickly make exchanges with back row players during dead ball situations.

When asked about how the season went, Carlson stated, “It was disappointing, but I had a really fun time with the girls. And we became closer, and we became really good friends, and I’m really excited for next year.”

Carlson also enjoyed being the libero for this season.

“Being libero is a huge role…I enjoy it because it’s my favorite for position and I’m really grateful that I was able to play it this year,” Carlson stated.

Both juniors have big expectations for next year. They believe they will be able to place at state and hopefully be able to win state.