Teachers’ Lucky Day


David Tesch, Editor-in-Chief

The end of the quarter is coming, and that means teacher workday is approaching. Students don’t show up to school and get a day off, while teachers have to come in and work on finalizing grades for the quarter. 

Teachers enter into an empty classroom, work on grading, and plan their curriculum for the remainder of the semester. 

Spanish teacher Rebecca Hasz typically spends her days at Lakeland teaching students and helping them during lunch and after school. “Teacher workdays give me the time I need to catch my breath and get caught up”. 

English teacher Shannon Hall uses her time to reorganize her room, reflect on how much her students have accomplished over the previous weeks. 

Added on to the typical objectives teachers have to do on teacher workday, Special needs teacher Deana Lange uses this time to work on paperwork for her students. 

“Special education requires large amounts of paperwork such as IEP’s (Individualized Education Program) to be completed for each student. Progress reports for each IEP also need to be completed each quarter.”

Yet teachers arent the only ones who have to show up to school, administrators also have plenty to do on teacher workdays. 

Brain Etchison, the principal assistant at Lakeland High School, spends a lot of his workday supporting students and meeting their needs, and teacher workday provides a chance to make any changes to the curriculum based on student feedback. 

Trent Derrick, the principal at Lakeland High School, uses the day to focus on some training for classified staff, be available to meet with staff as needed, and work on building goal items. 

One of the major benefits of teacher workdays is that teachers get to act like students. Being able to socialize with other teachers and go out for lunch together is a luxury they aren’t able to get every day. 

“Those little things make teacher workdays a nice change of pace from the daily routine,” Hall stated about spending time with other teachers. 

Students not being at school make a big difference to the teachers and the school. 

Teachers have described the school as “quiet” and “wonderful” with no students around at the school. 

Principal Derrick talks about how time doesn’t go by as fast as it would with students. 

“The day doesn’t go by as fast when students aren’t present. I know teachers are able to get a lot done as there is a minimal interruption.”

“Teachers do not have to rush around or start and end tasks to a bell ringing, so that is pleasant, of course,” Hall stated. 

Etchison misses having students around, a big part of his job is to help and interact with students. 

“I think most every teacher gets into this profession because they love being around the students”. 

Some of the favorite things that teachers love about teacher workday are being able to listen to music in their own room, not having to worry about bells and the normal schedule. 

“We spend a lot of time trying to fit things into these hour-long blocks that it can be a little monotonous. It’s nice having a day where if you’re working on something you don’t have to stop in the middle of it because the bell rings.” Etchison stated. 

The break from students and the normal schedule is enjoyed by many at Lakeland High School. Being able to prepare for their curriculum and take a breather is essential. Etchison and many other teachers take this opportunity to improve their own curriculum. 

“Workdays necessary in helping us prepare and give our students what they deserve as far as the best education possible. A lot of teaching is performance but behind every performance is great preparation.”