Trick or Treat


Shelby Larcher, News Writer

Halloween is right around the corner, so high school students are starting to ask the real question which is, “How old is too old to trick or treat?”

All throughout elementary and even middle school, trick or treating has always been the highlight of Halloween, for most people. Dressing up with your friends, and going trick or treating to get free candy was what the majority of people would look forward to. Things start to change as you get older, Halloween may become a less exciting holiday for most students who attend high school. 

Walking around the neighborhood, ringing doorbells, and knocking on neighbor’s doors saying “trick or treat” on Halloween night may lose its meaning over time. Instead, high school students may attend costume parties, scary movie binges with their friends, or even just a night in by themselves. 

Some teenagers, though, do choose to embrace the fact of still being “kids” and take advantage of the fun of trick or treating and free candy while they still can. 

Tori Haney, a junior at Lakeland says, “I think you can never be too old to trick or treat because you can’t put an age on having fun. If you really enjoy it you can do it till your 80. It shouldn’t matter.” She then says that as a parent “if you want to take your kids, may as well jump in on the fun too, they would love to have their parents join in on the fun too.” 

Personally, she says, “I think it would be more fun if your parents went up to the door and got candy with you and it wouldn’t be weird at all.” 

According to the CBC, “Many people hate seeing teens armed with pillowcases, asking for candy. Trick-or-treating is for cute little Disney characters celebrating one of their favorite nights of the year, not teenagers.” 

Some adults might find it rather foolish or unnecessary for a high school student to go knocking on their door, but as long as teenagers don’t take advantage of the fun in Halloween then there should be no problem. 

The real question that high schoolers should be taking into account may be, Is there ever really an age considered to be too old to trick or treat?