What Makes a Good Teacher?


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Writer

What makes a good teacher or what can be considered a good teacher? A lot of students complain about their teachers all over the world. It’s just what students do. 

Some even blame their teachers for “not teaching” them a certain thing if they fail an assignment. Others simply may not like the teacher for silly reasons.

During the 2020-2021 school year many students have transferred to online school because they weren’t a fan of the in-person learning or just some of their teachers due to the way they taught.

A good teacher can be looked at from a few perspectives. Students, like Tori Haney, a junior at Lakeland Highschool, could argue that “A good teacher is someone who cares about the student and their well-being outside of the school and makes sure they understand what they’re doing in class.”

When people say a ‘good teacher’ they underestimate the word ‘good’ they more explain the way they teach other than them as a teacher and overall being.

Another junior at Lakeland, Trey South, states, “A good teacher can connect with students on an intellectual level and can bond and create a relationship. They also understand their role and try to make the kids actually understand the material instead of just passing a test. Also, they for sure have to be there for the students.”\

Being a place for your students to feel safe and comfortable in/being themselves helps build a key role in a good relationship, if the student looks forward to seeing you every or whenever it is they have them, they’re more likely to work harder because they want you to be happy for them and besides if you like them, there’s a higher chance you’ll listen to them more than you would a teacher you don’t like.

South could also argue that “They shouldn’t make everything equal, they should understand that students that work harder should deserve more and they have to understand how each person learns. Not everyone can learn the same way at the same pace.”

Education is the most important thing in a teacher’s eyes. They went to school, excelled in it, and chose to teach it in a more modern way to the younger generation. But in school, some could argue that education isn’t important if the student isn’t learning anything.

Everyone in the history of school education has had their favorite and least favorite teachers for reasons like they may not set many rules, they don’t give homework, they do it all on paper, they do it all digitally or they do both. They understand students have hobbies and are reasonable with turn-in dates.. etc.