Bright Future of Hawks Swim


Liam Bradford, Sports Editor

The Lakeland swim team is one of many fall sports that the school provides as an option. Last year, Logan Harris was a freshman swimmer and was one of few freshmen for Lakeland to clinch an appearance in state in the 2020 fall season. 

As a sophomore, Harris has solidified his dominance as a varsity swimmer for the Hawks this year. On October 9, in a meet against Sandpoint, Harris participated in the 100-meter freestyle and achieved his personal record with a time of 57.8 seconds. In the state tournament as a freshman, Harris had a time of 59 seconds on the 100-meter freestyle and has already improved his time by more than a second. 

In his first year as a swimmer for the Hawks, Harris had a 2:11 time for his 200-meter freestyle and has improved it this year to 2:09, increasing both his 100 and his 200 times by more than a second in less than a year. 

Aside from being a superstar swimmer, Harris is an honor student achieving high marks every step of the way. Aside from above-average grades, Harris is the sophomore student council President and has been involved in leadership both years.

When asked how he has been able to balance practice and academics, he said, “I just have to have excellent time management, and it is something that I have gotten used to. It’s not always easy to find time to get all of my assignments done while so involved in swimming and leadership, so I’ve learned to have great time management.”

Harris confidently predicted that he would make state for the second consecutive year and even promised a top 10 finish in the tournament. He said that his coach Adam Mayer has been very helpful this year and has been a big part of his success and improvement this year. 

The swim team has had a great season so far and is preparing for districts on October 23 at the University of Idaho.