Lady Hawks Soccer Season Comes to an End


The Lady Hawks soccer team getting a pep talk from their coach before the game.

Garrett Love, Sport's Writer

The Lakeland Lady Hawks soccer team played the Lake City Lady Timberwolves at Lake City on September 28th. 

 The last time the Lakeland Lady hawks played The Lake City Lady Timberwolves was on September 2nd, they lost 12-0 at home. The Lady Hawks lost 12-0 this time too. 

After the first half, Lakeland started to find their rhythm and their passing was getting better, and they were spacing out properly. 

On September 30th the Lakeland Lady Hawks played the Sandpoint Lady Bulldogs in the Lady Bulldogs home territory. Sandpoint is in our district so this was a very important game to win. 

The Sandpoint lady Bulldogs were having an outstanding season and were 9-0 on the season at this time. When the Lady Hawks were playing the game against Sandpoint they didn’t have any subs and played a good game without having any help off the bench to replenish everyone’s energy. “It was very hard not having any subs. We were all very tired and losing energy and it was hard to continue to play at our fullest and connect passes” Regan Said

 “The most recent games that we played against Sandpoint and Lake City was a good competition to have right before districts and we are ready to play them” Regan Said 

On October 12th it was districts time, the Lakeland Lady Hawks were very excited to go to Moscow and play the Moscow Lady Bears. The Lakeland Lady Hawks ended up losing 9-0 after a hard-fought game. 

“We passed really well and switched the field a couple of times and I know the score doesn’t show it but that was one of our better games of the year,” Regan Wright said. She is very sad that their season is over but she is looking forward to next year.