Scarywood is Back


Shelby Larcher, News Writer

Each year Silverwood turns their amusement park into a frightening horror park around the time of Halloween. “Get ready for a month of screams as the theme park you thought you knew just became the nightmare you’ll never forget.” as stated on the Scarywood Haunted Nights website. 

Referring to the website the park is filled with scary attractions, such as different shows “5 haunted attractions, 9 scare zones and most of Silverwood’s signature rides in the dark” and other zones called haunts. Haunts are different areas of the park that all have different terrifying themes. They crawl with employees dressed up as different monsters and creepy characters. 

Each Hanut attraction has a different level according to how scary it will be. Some examples of haunted attractions consist of Blood Bayou, Dr. Delirium’s 3D Rockhouse, Pharaoh’s Curse, and many many more. 

Silverwood is one of few places left that has wooden roller coasters, when it turns into Scarywood one of their most loved rides “Timber Terror ” drives backward on the rails. 

Unlike Silverwood, Scarywood is not only open for just a month but they are also only open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 

Kama Sims, a both Silverwood and Scarywood employee, works as a “cook at Pavillions but during the summer in pablos.” Her “favorite part about working during Scarywood is hanging out with my coworkers as we dance and blast music.” 

She has been an employee there for three years now and says “I do see myself continuing to work there. Even though the environment can be stressful, it teaches me a lot… plus the pay is good” 

Scarywood has a very high attraction for high school students/ teenagers. The park being open later in the weekend and on weekends potentially allows for many more high school students to stay out later and enjoy this haunted experience. 

Since Scarywood does open up later in the year towards the winter it has a tendency to be very cold when you go. As the Scarywood website mentions “Scarywood is a chilling event so dress for the weather.” 

Scarywood is not recommended for kids that are 12 and under. They say “If you survive the night we will see you in your nightmares.”