Caroline’s Time to Shine


Caroline Gallus kicking the ball at Lakeland High School Soccer Field.

David Tesch, Editor-in-Chief

When you go and attend one of Lakeland’s girl’s soccer games, one player stands out from the rest. Centre-Back #14, Caroline Gallus dominates on the soccer field and helps Lakeland out a ton. The three-sport athlete has been nothing short of impressive throughout her high school career. 

The Seattle native moved to Idaho at the age of seven, and sports were always a part of her life. 

As a kid, her older sisters and friends would play many different sports. She enjoyed practicing with her sister in the yard and it motivated her to pursue sports herself.  Gallus said about her playing with her sisters. “They were really good, and it pushed me to do better”. 

At the young age of ten, Gallus started many different sports such as softball, basketball, and soccer. 

When Gallus entered high school, she made the soccer varsity team as a freshman. Making a varsity team as a freshman is one of the hardest things you can do in high school, but Gallus was up for the challenge. 

Gallus entered her sophomore year of high school with a whole new challenge. Head Coach Kevin Rogge had her become the centre-back for the team. The centre-back is placed towards the back of the field, being able to see everything that’s going on. The position comes with lots of responsibility since you have to be able to lead and communicate with your teammates. 

Gallus said about her new position, “It came as a shock, I wasn’t really ready for it, but I have been getting better at communicating with my team and telling them where to go”. 

Madison Wiedenhoff, a former teammate of Gallus described that she would always bring a smile to the team and would brighten up a room whenever she entered. 

Last school year, Gallus won the freshman athlete of the year on a poll conducted by the Lakeland Hawkeye and voted on by the student body. 

Gallus’ impact on sports at Lakeland is nothing short of amazing. The rising star has a bright future for Lakeland and will continue to be a dominant force as her high school career continues.