Homecoming Spirit Week


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Writer

Spirit week is a time where students can dress up to show their school spirit and have a good time with their friends.

Students have a lot of opinions on this week and some choose not to participate. Most take advantage of the days just to wear a hat and others put full effort into it so they can show off their spirit and potentially win a prize normally consisting of candy.

Samuel Wilt, a junior at Lakeland, isn’t one who normally participates in the spirit days because he goes to Ktec in the mornings. “I think students should participate in spirit week because it gives them a reason to have fun with their morning and dress up. Maybe even get a laugh out of their friends.”

Some students don’t dress for spirit day simply because they don’t have anything to wear or they believe you put all or no effort in.

Why do we have spirit week? Some could argue it’s to “hype” up the students and build their excitement for the homecoming game and the actual dance itself.

Sydney Gerrior, a junior at Lakeland, has participated in the past few spirit days just to simply dress up, not for the dress-up competition. Gerrior states, “I enjoy dressing up because it’s different from my everyday dress routine, it adds spice also I get a laugh out of my parents when I walk out the door.”

The most popular spirit day for this week, as of Monday-Wednesday, was Goin´ Fishin’, a lot of students participated by wearing vests, bucket hats, and some even brought mini fishing poles. Surprisingly the participants all had worn nearly the same outfits, the guys who participated wore either a HUK or a Columbia shirt and jeans or khaki shorts and the girls wore mainly jeans, a hoodie, and a vest.

Bucket hats are not an only natural fishing hat but students have managed to make them a part of their everyday apparel. 

For White Lies, there are a lot of shirts stating lies like “I’m Short” or “I’m Tall” some people even adding humor into them joking about their weight or relationships. The typical teenage humor.