Social Bean Reopening 


Lakeland High School Students ordering from Social bean

Hannah Peterson, Opinions Writer

This week has been an exciting week for Lakeland Highschool. The Social Bean has been reopened! This is great for all the caffeinated teenagers running around the school.

The Social Bean has not been opened since 2018-2019. That shows that the students that are now seniors have not enjoyed the social bean since their freshman year.

Quite a few students have been late because of the traffic of coffee stands. 

I talked to the former student about her opinion on if the social bean is good for the school. Jewel Frietas states “ Yes, we can raise money for the school because most teenagers love it. And most don’t have time to get coffee from a stand.” She mentions the same point I brought up about students being late because of waiting in line for caffeine. 

I believe that the social bean is going to be a great production for our school. It will raise money and allow the students that work the stand to learn responsibility and how to work under pressure. Along with customer service.

I wanted to talk and learn more with the person that is in the main position. Therefore, I talked to Mrs. Knoll after asking a few questions. I asked what it was like reopening the coffee stand. She stated “ Exciting both the teachers and students. Exciting for everyone else because they have never had it. I’m glad I am doing it with Ms.Peck because she is organized and gets everyone trained.” Everyone is excited for the Social Bean! 

I also had one more question, How long do we plan on staying open?. Mrs. Knoll answered with an amazing response “ All year as long as kids want to work!” So we can all look forward to staying caffeinated all year long! 

The Social Bean has an amazing menu as well. All the flavors are named after teachers here at Lakeland Highschool such as Huckleberry Hasz, Hot Pink Halls, and Jumping Jones. All the flavors change every week as well. There are even thoughts of naming a drink after the students of the month every month.