D Theevious Lick


Michael Locke, News Writer

Devious licks are the new trend at Schools around the world.

For those of you who don’t know a Devious lick is, it is a student participating in stealing something, ranging from a soap dispenser, a stall door, There even was a bus that was stolen on a video online 

John Meredith had a few words to say about this devious lick trend. “ There’s nothing valuable to steal at school, I don’t see the point, if you’re going to do a devious lick at least make it somewhere cool, Like what are you going to do with a water fountain or a toilet?”

Stealing isn’t right and Jimmy Hoffman, the vice-principal of Lakeland High School, had a few words to say about this trend, and what happens if you’re caught. “ With this tik tok trend one of the things we always need to remember is that stealing is against the law, vandalism is against the law. We will notify Rathdrum police anytime there’s something stolen, or there is something vandalized.” 

Mr. Hoffman also added that he wants to keep the school clean and in the best shape possible. 

“ Stealing soap dispensers and other stuff just adds more work for our custodian”, Hoffman said.