Lakeland Scouts steal the show at Lake City Homecoming


Alden Waddington, Collin Cameron. Hutton Hegbloom and Chase Burcham standing inside the Lake City High School gym

Liam Bradford, Sport's Editor

The Lakeland Lady Hawks lost 3-1 sets against the Lake City Timberwolves on Sep. 17. 

However, the game wasn’t the main focus of the majority of Lakeland students. Alden Waddington, Collin Cameron. Hutton Hegbloom and Chase Burcham all attended the game dressed as college scouts. 

The four boys are all Lakeland athletes and decided to spice up the homecoming matchup. Alden Waddington explained how they were trying to spoil the Lake City homecoming game, but the Lady Hawks couldn’t come up with the victory. 

Lakeland volleyball player Kenna Simon said, “I’m pretty sure everyone at the game that wasn’t familiar with them thought that they were real scouts and that they were watching this game as recruiters.” 

Following Waddington’s first career game as an official collegiate scout of the NCAA, he said, “Well, the whole thing was my idea, and I got everyone to join in on it… I thought that it was a good game even though it didn’t go our way. My fellow scouts and I all have a very confidential and sacred list of notes that we cannot share with the press to keep the information away from our competing schools.” 

Waddington went to the game with a notebook and an Oregon State suit, while the other three boys also came equipped with notebooks and wore fancy suits as well. 

In contrast to Waddington, Collin Cameron had a few notes to share. He said, “The whole idea started while we were at dinner, and originally we were just supposed to go to the game without a twist. But of course, Alden needed to add a little spice. Even though we would’ve enjoyed a Hawks win, it was a much better game than the score shows. Our girls fought hard, and I was very impressed”. 

All four boys agreed that Lakeland played well and that they have high hopes for the rest of the season. They all admitted that they enjoyed the experience as scouts and will probably do it again. 

As far as the public knows, the boys do not have any more scouting appearances planned, but they could arrive in uniform at any moment. The Lakeland Lady Hawks play next on Sep. 28 at 4 p.m, once again against the Lady Timberwolves of Lake City.