Concession Stand at Lakeland


The Booster Club banner hangs in the new gym.

Shelby Larcher, News Writer

Concessions are booming for the Hawks

The past two years of the Lakeland High School concessions have been doing exceptionally well.

With the program being taken on by a new individual there has been a change in product and result of people’s feedback. Kris Larcher has taken on the concessions program. He has a background in running concessions for Little League Baseball and decided to take on a bigger role running them at the high school.

The “Hawk Burger” is now known to be one of the most popular and enjoyed new additions. The feedback has been very positive and shows a great liking to the new changes. Student, Madelyn Roberts says “The food and options all around have improved from previous years and I really enjoy the burgers.”

Concessions are part of the booster club here at Lakeland High school. Jill Hatcher, the vice president of the Booster Club says, “definitely more profit is being brought in. I think concessions is a hit and the new people running it have started something amazing.” She also proceeds to say that “Concessions will bring in a lot of money for sports/clubs.”

All around the more profit the better. Hatcher then again states “We get lots of feedback about how yummy the hawk burgers and pulled pork nachos are.” The Booster club has yet to be disappointed with the revenue and feedback that they have received from both students and community members.

Kris Larcher speaks on what he enjoys most about running concessions, “the best part about running concessions at Lakeland High School is being able to provide a great selection of concessions items to the various athletic activities throughout the year… Knowing the profits go directly back to the Booster Club that supports the numerous clubs on campus is a driving factor to my commitment” he states.

Larcher says “I plan to continue being a part of Lakeland concessions until my son who is currently in 8th grade at LJHS graduates Lakeland High school.”

There is a promise of great revenue and profit outcome along with exceptional food for the years to come.