Big Man on Campus


Michael Locke, News Writer

Brian Etchison is the new principal assistant at Lakeland high school.

Etchison is no longer the health teacher. He was the health teacher for two years at the high school and also taught health at the middle school before that. The new health teacher is Ms. Heacock.

In his new position, he deals with meetings, tardies, and kids when they get in trouble.

Though his title has changed, he feels that his relationship with the students will always be the same.

“Big thing that hasn’t changed is the relationship with students, and being around y’all,” said Etchinson. “Having a relationship with y’all, I think that prevents people having to come into the office to see me.”

Though he was worried about his new job affecting his relationship with students, he plans on being in the halls during passing periods, checking up on students.

Etchison said, “this is a yearly position, I hope I will impress the other administrators.”

Trent Derrick, principal of Lakeland of High School, said he was excited for Etchinsons new position in the administration; he understands the value of building relationships with students. Mr. Derrick thinks he will be very effective.

“If you want to sit (in the office) and hole yourself up you can do that,” Etchison said. “The way I’m approaching it — I’m not going to change.”