Drug Use in Lakeland


Vapes and other contraband are brought to Officer Hatcher

Samantha Fuller, News Editor

Drug use in high schools has always been a serious concern, and Lakeland is no exception. 

According to Officer Hatcher, the school resource officer, “Lakeland’s drug use has gone down compared to the past, but there is still drug use that needs to be put to a stop. The amount of drugs used throughout our school always fluctuates but it is always a rocky path to go down which will ultimately end in getting caught and I highly advise against it.”

Officer Hatcher says “if you are ever in a situation where drugs are involved, tell someone. Don’t confront them because then they will give you their sob story and a bunch of excuses. Don’t be afraid to tell someone, you could tell any of the teachers or administration.”  

The teachers at the school are always looking out for kids who may be using drugs. Hatcher stated, “one of the biggest signs are eyes. Watching out for people to make sure they are sober. People who get caught most times tend to just admit it and apologize.”

Even though the teachers are aware of the drug use in Lakeland, it is hard to crack down on. If you come upon an uncomfortable drug situation, always say no and tell someone right away. Having the pressure of being offered drugs can be a hard situation for anyone, and it may be hard to handle, so telling an adult is always helpful. 

Officer Hatcher mentioned, “jail is not the only consequence for drug use. There are different options to help people involved with drugs. The biggest thing is making sure they get help and get better. There are so many ways to help people who have gone down that path.” 

Getting help can be hard for kids to admit that they need it and may not be what they want, but it can help the environment of the school. Drugs can cause students to lose track of getting their diplomas and ruining their future. 

When asked her thoughts on the subject, Mrs. Johnson said “it is stupid for kids to get involved with drugs. Kids should make better choices. Doing drugs affects everyone and is a dangerous path that will destroy your life.” 

Any type of substance use in any context is damaging and should be avoided at all costs.