Expanded School Year


Samantha Fuller , News Editor

Lakeland adopted a new school schedule this year that expands the day by about 35 minutes. Many students at Lakeland don’t see eye to eye with the new schedule and wish the school had kept the shorter school days. 

Pre-covid, the schedule was even longer than it is now, however, it has been difficult for many to adapt to the extra time they now spend in each class. However, many faculty members, along with some students are in favor of the longer schedule for a variety of reasons.

When asked about the newly implemented schedule, Emma Avalos, a sophomore at Lakeland High School said “I do not have as much time after school to get ready for sports and I think our lunch should be longer since the classes are longer.” 

Having a longer lunch will balance out the day a little more so the students do not have as much stress since students will have more time to relax and rejuvenate.

Emma also mentioned that the schedule could also have a positive effect on her and other students, despite not wanting to be there. She claims “at my old middle school we got out at 2:30 so it does not feel too long, but as most people would agree, getting out of school earlier similar to last year would be nice. Many students including myself understand that a longer day could benefit me education-wise but could also interfere with my after-school activities and family time.” 

Teachers at Lakeland also have their own opinions on the new school day and whether or not they agree with it. 

When asked her thoughts, Lakeland’s Spanish teacher, Rebecca Hasz said “having a longer period will benefit the students to have extra time to get help. Despite having to get used to the extended schedule, it gives students more time to work on their school work, allows teachers to relay students more knowledge and education throughout the school year.”

Mrs. Hasz also thinks that since the school day is longer, having a long lunch, or passing periods would benefit both the teachers and the students, giving them more time to prepare for their next class and more time to eat. 

She says, “I would be okay with a 50 minute period and a longer lunch, or longer passing periods.” 

Having longer class periods can help with education, but it could also interfere with after-school activities and family time. Having to also deal with homework when you go home, even after spending most of your day at school can be tiring. The schedule that is newly in place will take some getting used to for both the students and the teachers.