Diego Aguilar, Opinions Writer

With watermelon season just beginning, it is important to know what separates the strong from the weak. Watermelon has many different varieties and knowing which to choose can be important when it comes to flavor, texture, size, and just overall satisfaction.

One thing you want to avoid when it comes to watermelon is a large number of seeds. Seeds can be uncomfortable to eat, hard to take out, and may even get stuck in your throat. One way to tell if a watermelon is seedless is to look at its chromosomes, a seedless watermelon will have 33 chromosomes instead of the regular 22.

To see the chromosomes on watermelon all you will need is a high-powered microscope and a sample of the watermelon you are examining. If you do not want to invest in a high-powered microscope, you can simply look at the label found on most watermelons and look for the word “seedless”.

When it comes to sweetness, you have a lot of options, for example, if you are looking for sweetness, buy the Sultan. The Sultan watermelon is the sweetest variety of watermelon on the planet and can easily be identified by its deep green stripes highlighted by thin, narrow, light green stripes.

If you are looking for a nice picnic watermelon, I would personally recommend the Crimson Sweet watermelon. With its light red flesh and its appealing rind, this makes it one of the most attractive fruits and one of the tastiest.

Another aspect of watermelon is the texture, something that a lot of people seem to overlook. Many people seem to think that watermelon is just watermelon, but that is simply not the case. Watermelon is a very complex type of fruit, and if you want the best, do not overlook something as simple as texture.

One large aspect of watermelon texture is the number of seeds. Another aspect is ripeness. There are many ways to tell if a watermelon is ripe. A ripe watermelon will have a yellow belly from contact with the earth.

Another way is to press your ear to the watermelon and give it a light slap. The watermelon should sound hollow on the inside, if not it still needs to ripen. A ripe watermelon tends to be sweeter and not as stiff as a watermelon that has not been allowed to ripen.

There are many different types of watermelons and none are the same as the other. So remember, when choosing a watermelon don’t forget to take all these factors into consideration.