Matthew Wirtz, Opinions Writer

Yearbooks have recently been handed out to students that have purchased them. Lakeland High School students can still purchase yearbooks by bringing $35 to Room 34 or to the office.

Yearbook signing already took place. It took place during an extended lunch in the cafeteria on Friday, May 28th. 

The point of yearbooks is to capture moments and be able to reflect on the past. 

Sara Teel, the teacher of the yearbook class stated, “the yearbook is like a photo journal of the year and to have a book to commemorate such a unique year as this will bring back fond memories as you get older. It’s also a great way to hear from your friends.”

Teel is giving the yearbook class off to Michael Dunn. She stated, “it went well, it was extremely stressful and a little frustrating but it was successful.”

Dunn has a background in design because of his previous jobs working as a journalist. He is very optimistic about taking on the yearbook class.

Dunn stated, “I’m excited to take on the challenge of the yearbook. I think it will be great.”

He also plans on not changing very much about the yearbook under his class.

“I plan on continuing much of the yearbook and keeping the same levels of success that have been continuing with the past several years. I plan on emphasizing that it is a student led product,” said Dunn.

Around ten people have signed up to take the yearbook class. Dunn is still looking for more students to sign up. If you are interested in photography or design, it is recommended to sign up.

Dunn also has something to say to students on the edge of deciding whether or not to take Yearbook as a class next year. 

Dunn said, “give it a try. It’s a great thing to have on your resume. If you don’t enjoy it, then you can always transfer out in the first week of school.”

If students have questions about taking the yearbook class next year, they can stop by Dunn’s room and ask him questions about the class.