The Summer Glow-up


Taken on May 22, 2021 at East Farms Washington at 7:40 p.m.

Brelyn Ganske, Opinions Writer

What is the perfect summer glow up? Some students at Lakeland High School are all about getting a glow up this summer. Do they even know what the perfect glow up is?

The perfect glow up according to most teens is to get tan and look like you are glowing. Some others just want to be skinnier or work out to get more muscle. 

Most students just want to continue working out or start working out. Some students also want to get tan but just get burnt or they get a spray tan or in a tanning bed. 

According to Bethany Jensen, a sophomore at LHS says, the best way to glow up during the summer is to drink water, take care of your body, focus on your mental health and moisturize your skin. 

Getting enough water every day as a teen means a lot because your body is still growing and needs all of the nutrients it can possibly get. Water also supports your skin and makes your skin not as dry that way when you get tan you don’t burn as much or at least as badly.

Sunscreen is another good way to protect your body. Sunscreen is able to protect yourself from getting skin cancer or other diseases that may come from being out in the sun too often. 

Another way to take care of your body is getting all of the nutrients you may need. It matters the amount of fruit and vegetables that you eat compared to the amount of protein or dairy. You also will need to eat different types of vitamins and minerals that your body needs. 

Your skin care is also important especially during the summer when you might possibly have more breakouts than normal. Eating healthy and the right amount of food can also affect your skin due to the fact that some grease can cause your skin to break out worse than normal. 

Your hair can also be affected by the sun and things you eat because your hair is made up of dead skin cells. Your hair may become lighter or darker depending on the type of your hair when you are in sunlight for hours at a time. 

All of the things you do and put into your body will affect the way your body may function and react. Your body needs to be able to react to different things because it may be an allergic reaction or a good reaction for your body.