Teachers leaving Lakeland


Matthew Wirtz, News Writer

Around this time of year, teachers will announce if they are planning on leaving to a different area for the next school year. Several teachers are leaving Lakeland High School and are moving to new areas in their lives. 

One teacher, Jared Forsythe, is leaving Lakeland to pursue teaching in Montana. He is moving to be closer with family. He is also leaving to work on his rafting company. 

Forsythe has enjoyed teaching for Lakeland. “Lakeland has been a great school and I am very grateful for teaching here,” Forsythe stated. 

Another teacher leaving Lakeland is Tyler Jacobs. Jacobs has been teaching at Lakeland for 5 years and has also been coaching tennis. 

Jacobs plans on moving to Post Falls where he will continue teaching. One reason for his move from Lakeland is his subjects he wants to teach.

“I have the opportunity to teach the subject I am most passionate about, social studies, at my new position full time, so that was a large factor in my decision,” Jacobs said. 

Being able to teach what he wants pushed him towards Post Falls, but he is still grateful for the opportunities given to him. 

Jacobs stated, “In 6 years of teaching, 5 of those years have been here at Lakeland. It’s where I grew into the teacher that I am. I could not have become such a successful teacher without the guidance and support of my friends and colleagues at this school.”

Jacobs doesn’t know what the future for tennis at Lakeland holds for with him gone. However, he was confident that while he was at LHS he was the best man for the job stating, “but nobody is as big swag as I am.”

He does not plan on continuing to coach tennis at Post Falls so he can spend time with his kids, a 4 year old boy and an 8 month old girl.

Tyler Jacobs won’t forget about Lakeland anytime soon, stating, “what really makes Lakeland special to me are the students. There is just something about Lakeland students that is unique; they’re fun, outgoing, engaged – just all-around amazing young men and women. I will really miss you guys.”