Lakeland Physics Class Finishes the Year With Fun


Mrs. Wenstrom’s Physics class holding up their second egg drop projects before they drop them.

Zoe Roman, Editor-in-Chief

On May 5, the AP Physics students took their AP test, ending most of the stress they had endured for the year. With the test done and over with, one would think the class would be over.

Yet there is still about three weeks left of school, and the students still have a final to accomplish. Fortunately, the assignments that they have will be more relaxed and fun.

Their most recent project was the egg drop project. The students were instructed to design two contraptions that would protect a regular sized egg from falling 5 meters. The students were given up to two weeks  to design and build their projects. 

The first one had a limit on the materials and the amount of materials that can be used, which made building a slight struggle for some of the students.

Some had used straws to try and stop the fall of the egg and many had parachutes to slow the fall. Many of the designs failed to protect the egg, but there were ones that succeeded.

One design was simply a container with a long balloon wrapped around the egg inside. This design, although it seemed unlikely, protected the egg completely, with no cracking on the egg at all.

The second design was completely open to any and all materials. The students used this freedom to try all that they could, using designs that may have seemed ridiculous to some.

The designs varied from a pencil pouch full of cotton balls, to a jar of mayonnaise. The class favorite for this assignment was a jar of peanut butter, brought in by Calvin Schenkenberger. He named it APOLLO 21, and neither the jar nor the egg cracked from the drop.

The Physics students will be doing assignments similar to this for the rest of the year while they are finishing up their lessons for the final. One assignment they will be doing in the future is going to be completing up to 5 labs at Triple Play.

Usually the students go to Silverwood for their annual Physics Day, but unfortunately the park decided to cancel the day. So instead, Mrs. Wenstrom made it so that the students can still enjoy their Physics day, but at Triple Play.