District Track Recap

Devon Howell, Sports Writer

On Friday, May 14, the Lakeland Hawks track team competed in the district tournament against Sandpoint and Moscow. The Hawks ran well and had some athletes who will continue to the state meet.

For the men’s 100 meters John Cornish placed 3rd, Richie Thomas placed 4th, Thomas Calder placed 6th and Jack Boettcher 11th. For the women’s 100 meters for Lakeland, Michaela Palanuik placed 2nd, Regan Wright placed 4th, Ally Murry placed 6th and  Ty Gilbert placed 7th.

The Hawks had three runners place in the top five for the men’s 200 meters: Richie Thomas placed 3rd, Elijah Sidnt placed 4th and John Cornish placed 5th. For the women, Addie Kiefer placed 2nd, Bayle Woempner placed 3rd, Stacey Barker placed 4th and Regan Wright placed 7th.

For the 110 meter hurdles, for the men, Alden Waddington placed 5th, Caius Tebbe placed 6th and Skyler Huber placed 7th. The women had Abby Neff in 4th place, Emma Hinebaugh in 5th, and Kama Sims in 6th.

For the 300 meter hurdles, the men had Caius Tebbe in 6th place, Skyler Huber in 8th and Sam Kaplan placed 9th. For the women Abby Neff placed 3rd, Shelby Larcher placed 4th, and Kama Sims placed 6th.

For shot put Ammon Munyer placed 1st, Preston Jeffs placed 3rd, Kadin Craner placed 4th, and Zachary Kuenkler placed 8th. For the women Sara Unruh placed 4th, Natalie Richards placed 6th, Julia Conolley 7th and Lila Kiefer placed 8th. 

For pole vault men’s Rylie Siegford placed 2nd, Cody Morse placed 5th and Soren Sabatke placed 6th. For the women, Samantha Daniels placed 2nd and Alanna Hinkle 6th.

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