Resident Evil: Village Review


Matthew Wirtz, Opinions Writer

Resident Evil: Village is the newest installation in the Resident Evil franchise. Coming out on May 7th, over 3 millions copies have sold across all platforms. 

The game has received a 4.6 star rating with over 1800 reviews on the game. Other professional review websites have also given it good reviews. IGN gave it an 8/10 and Metacritic gave it 85%.

The story of the game takes place three years after the previous game Resident Evil: Biohazard. You play as Ethan Winters, a man from the United States that moved out to a village with Transylvania style in Europe.

Like all entertainment in the horror genre, things turn for the worse. A group of monsters kidnap his daughter and he has to fight them to get his daughter back. His daughter is split into four pieces which each boss has a piece of. 

The first boss, Lady Dimitrescu, takes place at the top of a tower in a castle. In this fight, she turns into a dragon and begins to attack you. As the fight progresses, the tower begins to fall apart and completely collapses by the end of it.

In the next area you meet Beneviento, a possessed doll. In her mansion she locks you in a room and takes all of your belongings that you have built up throughout the game. 

In this room, you solve a series of puzzles to leave, similar to an escape room. Once you open the door and explore the rest of the floor you are on, the lights go out and a truly terrifying creature comes out and tries to kill you. 

Then you fight the next boss, Moreau, who is a giant fish. It’s a pretty boring fight that feels like it never ends.

After the painfully long fight, you head to the next boss, Heisenberg. You fight him in an abandoned factory, where you take him down in a mini tank. After you kill him, you obtain the final piece of Rose and head to the ceremony site. 

At the ceremony site, Mother Miranda, prepares for the final ceremony. You kill her after a lengthy fight and the game ends. 

With fun boss fights and puzzles, the game is a solid 9/10.