Wyatt Aramburu, Opinions Writer

ISATs are the tests that “everybody” loves and “enjoys”, but this year Lakeland High School did really well on the ISATs out of the state. Some students had a difficult time with them, and some thought they were pointless. 

All throughout elementary school and at some point throughout middle school, we had the state tests called the ISATs and these tests were very boring and seemed unimportant. But the real reason for the ISAT is to measure how well students are learning specific skills defined by each grade by the state.

ISATs are important, but what do students really think about them? Brent Hill, a freshman at Lakeland, stated, “I think the ISATs are stupid and pointless.” 

Even though freshmen did not have ISAT testing, Hill still has strong feelings about the state-required tests.

This year, something changed and Lakeland Highschool was one of the only schools that did well in the state. Even though this year felt like we were unprepared for them.

The ISATs are also important because in some schools the grade 10 ISAT is required to be passed for graduation. The testing is scored using performance levels: advanced, proficient, basic or below. Every student is expected to get at least proficient. This year, I believe that Lakeland Senior High School scored between above proficient to advanced.

Avery Scott-Fudge, a sophomore at Lakeland said, “I feel like we should keep testing since we got such a high score because it will make our school look good.”