The Deal with Online Shopping


Zoe Roman, Editor-in-Chief

With summer coming up, many students are looking to get jobs to make money. Many students spend their money on food, games or entertainment, but many also spend a majority of their paycheck on clothes. I know for me, I’m saving up to buy a new wardrobe this summer and before I head off to college. With some COVID restrictions still in place, there are some places that do not have the stock that many want, but they can often find it online. 

Many people jumped to online shopping when they were stuck at home, causing a huge increase in online sales for many of the businesses that were able to stay open. Amazon saw a 27 percent jump in their online sales when they compared the numbers to even a few months prior to everything shutting down.

Now with everything opening back up, there will not be as much online shopping for everyone, but there are still many people who prefer to shop online, especially when there are some stores that are only online.

Businesses like SHEIN or ROMWE are known for fast fashion, or low quality clothes that are trending. These websites allow people to try out different styles at a cheaper price instead of buying a shirt for $45 that is only going to be worn once.

When they first opened, SHEIN would take a while to ship out since they only shipped directly from China, but now they have one in the US so shipping time has decreased significantly.

ROMWE is another site that is famous for their trending clothes. Like other fast fashion sites, their quality is not always the best, but that does not stop people from buying trendy clothes from them.

These sites are a hit and miss for good clothing, but many of their pieces look good and can be worn for a nice outing.

Many people have had good and bad experiences with websites like SHEIN and ROMWE, but there are other ways to shop for good quality clothing online. One way would be to go on Instagram Shop and buy from small businesses to help support them.

After looking at all these reviews and different experiences, the good outweighs the bad in this situation. Many people have ordered from these sites and had good experiences. Their prices are cheap for an outfit that I will probably only wear once or twice in the summer when I go out. Other than that, I would not order from these types of sites if you want to get clothing that is going to be a staple in your wardrobe.