Music Within LHS


Diego Aguilar, Opinions Writer

Music is one of the most common ways that people focus on the task at hand. Here at Lakeland High School, many teachers like to put on music because it helps their students focus. The question is: where is the line between using music as a tool or just becoming a borderline distraction?

Mr. Porth is the Physical Science and Biology teacher at Lakeland High School. He is in favor of music. Mr.Porth tends to play different music for different types of assignments. He has a schedule for how his class runs, that schedule affects his playlist. 

“On work days I play Skyrim and Fallout Four/old style jazz music”, says Mr.Porth. On vocab days he’ll play “whatever suits his fancy.” Mr.Porth, however, is not the only one who enjoys 

playing music while working.

Senora Hasz is also in favor of playing music while her students work. She enjoys playing latino pop while her students work. She plays artists such as Shakira, Fonsi, Daddy Yanky, or even J Balvin. The music is almost never a distraction, unless, ofcourse, Blaze Day enters the classroom. Typically the music motivates and helps students.

Mr. Dunn, an English teacher at Lakeland High School, says that he really enjoys having music during class. He says that it helps the students get their work done.

“I know because I was definitely like that when I was in school, just to have my music on while I did my school work” says Mr.Dunn. He likes to have a variety of music just to introduce students to new things and to get them out of their comfort zone.

Music on the other hand can be a distraction, many students may take advantage of the privilege of listening to music. Students often request music and focus on the music instead of their work.

Many students also wear Airpods or some kind of Bluetooth earbuds during class as they are easy to hide and students often have them in while teachers are teaching. This is a problem because students have no idea what they are doing.

Some chill teachers let their students have earbuds in while they are doing their homework. This helps the teacher by not having to deal with students being loud in class. This benefits everyone and makes the classroom a more efficient learning environment.

Earbuds are a complicated issue, on one hand students can make good progress on their work, but on the other, students could be constantly on their phones.