Lady Hawks Fell Short to Bulldogs Late Scores

David Tesch, Sports Editor

Lakeland Lady Hawks Kyleigh Dyer and Kathryn Wardak each scored two runs in a 5-8 loss to the Sandpoint Bulldogs. 

District week is upon us, and the first matchup between the Lady Hawks and the Bulldogs for the 4A District Title was played at Lakeland High School on May 11th. 

Kathryn Wardak and Devry Bursch both pitched for the Lady Hawks. Wardak Pitched four innings,  allowing six hits, five runs, seven strikeouts and a strike percentage of 67%. Bursch pitched for two innings, allowing four hits, three runs, four strikeouts and a strike percentage of 70%. 

The game started out with no runs in the first inning, but in the second inning, Sandpoint Bulldogs Kinzie Ward and Kivia Barlow each scored a run on the same play. The second inning ended with the score being 3-1. 

In the fifth inning, the Lady Hawks were able to score 3 runs, with Peyton Sterling stealing home, and Kyleigh Dyer and Kathryn Wardak scoring on a hit by Harley See. Those runs had the game all tied up with the Bulldogs with a score of 5-5. 

The Bulldogs were able to score late with 3 runs in the final inning of the game. The final score ended 8-5, with the Bulldogs winning the first district matchup. 

The next game will be at Lakeland High School on May 13th at 3pm. Go out and support your Hawks!

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