Hawks loses by one in Sandpoint Comeback

David Tesch, Sports Writer

Lakeland Hawks Nick Nowell scores three runs in a 10-11 loss against the Sandpoint Bulldogs. 

The first district matchup against the Sandpoint Bulldogs was played at Sandpoint High School on Monday, May 10th at 2pm. 

Cameron Harris pitched 5 innings for the Hawks, allowing two hits, five runs, 10 strikeouts and a strike percentage of 55%. 

Zeke Roop and Auggie Lehman both pitched the majority of the game, Roop pitched two innings with seven hits, five runs, two strikeouts and a strike percentage of 69%. 

Lehman started the game as the pitcher for the Bulldogs, pitching for two innings with four hits, five runs, zero strikeouts, and a strike percentage of 57%. 

No runs were scored until the second inning, with the score being 2-3, with Sandpoint taking the lead. 

The Hawks had a comeback in the third inning with Payden Wysong, Nick Nowell and Garret Love, all scoring a point for the hawks to take the lead with a score of 5-3. 

In the 6th inning, both teams scored 5 runs in the inning. With only one inning left, the score was 10-8. 

The Hawks were not able to score in the final inning, and it was up to the Bulldogs to complete the comeback. The Bulldogs were able to score 3 runs in the final inning to steal the win from the Hawks. The final score was 10-11. 

The next matchup between these two teams is Wednesday, May 12th at Sandpoint High School at 3pm.

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