Class Cancelled!


Emma Stutzke, News Writer

Choosing a class and having it cancelled is not a fun thing to have happen to you. This happened to a group of students at Lakeland High School when the “Healthy Living in Modern Society” class was cancelled.

According to Mr. Derrick, the principal at Lakeland, “It was a class that was to teach students how to manage their schedules with techniques and skills to alleviate stress as well as helping them be more successful.”

Classes can be cancelled for several reasons. There might not be enough students signed up, there might not be a teacher qualified to teach the class or it might not be approved by the school board. 

The “Healthy Living in Modern Society” was cancelled because there is not a teacher at Lakeland who is qualified to teach the material of this elective. 

So far, this class is the only one cancelled, but Lakeland hasn’t decided if any other classes need to be cancelled yet. 

Students that chose this class as an elective will have to look into finding a new elective that is not already full. There are several electives to choose from including Movies as Literature, Jewelry, The Art of Floral Design and many more. 

The “Healthy Living in Modern Society” class could have been a really great and successful class. Several people have said it is almost like a stress management class. A large number of students these days are stressed because of school, sports and family situations, so this class would have been perfect for them.