Lakeland Tennis vs Post Falls

Devon Howell, Sports Writer

On May 3, the Lakeland Hawks varsity tennis team played in a match against the Post Fall Trojans. 

The tennis team has three games left in their regular season, they will participate in the district match against the Sandpoint Bulldogs. This game will determine who the top 4A school in the area is.

Marwan Warnick won 6-0 6-4 and Malika Warnick won 6-0 6-1 both won their singles matches.

Coach Tyler Jacobs said, “Malika is literally the terminator. I’m pretty sure she has laser-guided robot eyes because she sees the court so well, and hits tennis balls with the same amount of accuracy as Legolas hits orcs in the Two Towers.”

For doubles matches, Brady Hanna and Brady Manko won 6-2 2-6 and won in a tiebreaker 10-4. 

Coach Jacobs said, “Brady Hanna and Brady Manko went full dad mode and wore matching socks with whales on them, which is great because they came up big in the tiebreaker even after Manko broke his strings. He had to play with some garbage racket, but still was a slamma jamma with that hunk of junk.”

For other doubles matches Quinn McGovern and Maddie Hersh won 6-0 6-3.

Jacobs stated, “Quinn and Maddie are really vibin’ right now. I put them together a few weeks ago and their games are flowing together like Kanye and crazy.”

The Hawks next match will be away against the Sandpoint Bulldogs at 3 p.m.

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