Don’t Skip School!


Emma Stutzke, News Writer

There is a big problem with kids skipping school these days at Lakeland High School. Whether it’s because a student is skipping school to hangout with friends or because they feel sick, it is still a big problem.

If you miss even one period of the school day and you don’t have a parent or guardian call in to the office or write a note to excuse you within three days of your absence, you will get three lunch detentions. 

If a parent or guardian doesn’t call in to the office for your absence for more than three days, the amount of lunch detentions will increase. Lakeland is trying to hold students accountable to be at school when they should be. 

Mr. Hoffman, the vice principal at Lakeland High School said, “I think kids skip school because there is something better going on with friends or they are sick.” 

Hoffman has a large stack of hundreds of papers of students that have skipped school this year. 

Mr. Hoffman encourages students to have a parent call in if they miss a day of school so their absence is excused. 

“Students need to understand the impact it has on learning when you miss a day of school… It is a disadvantage to not be in front of your teachers each day,” said Hoffman. 

Students learn much better when they are in front of a teacher and not in front of a computer screen learning on their own. Many students experienced this type of learning during quarantine and struggled to learn without their teacher in front of them.