Game Over?


Wyatt Aramburu, Opinions Writer

Games on computers have always been a thing, and now that students have their own Chromebooks, has it become more of a problem? Playing games at school can be very satisfying and enjoyable at times. 

Different games can be good for memory, spatial orientation, information organizations and fine motor skills. So all together, are games on your computer good for students?

“I think certain games on your computer are good because they could be good for hand-eye-coordination,” stated Nick Nowell, a sophomore at Lakeland High school. 

Games could provide relief from school work and also help teach students about the subject that they are learning, which could be very helpful to teachers who are trying to convey their message to students. 

Garrett Love, another sophomore at Lakeland, stated,” I really think games can help students and kind of ease their mind from the subject that they are trying to learn.” 

In the end, we have to sympathize with teachers because games can be very distracting and take away from the subject that the teachers are trying to teach.

As the society we live in today advances, we find new ways to do everything in an easier and simpler way.