LHS Candidates


Email from Principal Derrick, to vote for the LHS Candidates.

Diego Aguilar, Opinions Editor

The speeches for the Lakeland High School Student Leadership were on Monday. The candidates all presented their speeches and their reasons as to why we should vote for them. All the students did well, and overall we are going to have a good student council next year at LHS. The students running all did a good job but what exactly were they thinking as they presented.

Avery Sherman, a student running for LHS Junior president said “I felt nervous going into the speech because we haven’t been able to do our speeches because of COVID”. 

She also said that she felt confident as soon as she started her speech. She said she wanted to make the school events more student oriented. Avery is running unopposed so she is guaranteed to get the position.

Jewel Freitas, another student running for student council. She is running for Sophomore Public Relations Officer.

She was quoted saying “I want to clean up the school’s appearance and just make it look better”. Jewel is running opposed so whether she gets the position or not is all up to fate.

Micheal Wee is running for Junior Public Relations Officer. He says that he has been in student leadership since the sixth grade and it’s just a part of who he is now. He is a qualified candidate for the position as he has the experience and the motivation to do it. Although he is running unopposed he is definitely one of the most qualified students for the job.

Another student running is Suzie Nichols, against Audry Gibson for the position of Junior Class Vice President. She said that she ran for vice president because she was a representative this year so she could not vote. 

“Go big or go home” she said. She expressed that she thinks she did well on her speech but there is always room for improvement. Like most speakers she was nervous going into the speech but as soon as she heard the first few claps she got the spark of confidence that she needed. 

These students and more ran for student council. Overall this was a very good batch of students to run for student council. One very special thank you goes out to all the students that ran for student council this year.