Diego Aguilar decided to skip school during the first period on April 23, 2021.

Brelyn Ganske, News Writer

What is senioritis? Not many people realize that senioritis is actually a thing to some students at Lakeland High School. 

Senioritis is when it’s getting closer to the end of the school year and seniors just want the year to end. They start not wanting to come to school, so they don’t. Many seniors at LHS are just starting to get senioritis due to school getting closer and closer to being over. 

When asked why she skips school Heather Whitman answered with “I guess I’m just tired all the time so I decide not to go.”

Some students at Lakeland have started skipping more often because it is the end of the year and they are just tired and don’t want to learn anymore, or they just want to take a break. 

Whitman also states “I feel like I’m skipping less because I know I have to finish school.”

She also feels that students are just kind of giving up and not wanting to come to school anymore. 

Most seniors at LHS are not the type of students to skip or miss school. Although it is hard for students to skip or be gone because they could get some type of punishment for those absences or tardies.

Some seniors only have a few classes so they feel like the class is a waste of their time or that it isn’t as important as some of the other classes they may have to take. Most of the classes they skip are electives they have chosen and need the credits to graduate. 

Some students from other grades skip too. They also do it more often than seniors do. Some students feel as if there isn’t a need for them to come to school on certain days and others just don’t want to come at all. 

Freshman and sophomore students have more of a tendency to skip due to the fact that they feel school isn’t as important to them now as it would be if they were seniors. 

Some juniors also skip because they are the “middle class” and don’t feel like they have as many restrictions as they did in years before.