Posters, Candy, and Persuasion


Suzanne Nicholes poster in the Freshman hallway. She has multiple posters scattered about the school along with her competition.

Melia Blackwell, Opinions Editor

When you decide to walk the halls of Lakeland High School you may notice all the posters everywhere. The reason being is because students are trying to get voted into student council for the next coming school year.

They are running for the Junior Class President, Vice President , Treasurer, etc.

Posters are their way of sending a message to the students so they have a reason to vote for them. Also, it shows how determined they are for the position they are running for.

Suzie Nicholes, for example, has put a lot of time and effort into making posters and talking to students. 

Why do some students want to run for student council? It’s a place that builds your leadership so you can use it in a career when you’re older like managing a company.

A lot of students vote for their friends because, well it’s obvious. For the students who are running for either position, it’s not fair to them. 

Yes, you want to support them but that’s supporting them in the wrong way. That would almost be like hiring a plumber and then they remodel your house- you wouldn’t hire a plumber for that.

Student council is not just about leadership, it’s filled with decision making and construction. Constant ideas and areas they find to improve on to make our grade, maybe even school, stand out more.

Battle for the Paddle, a school yearly event that involves two schools, usually Sandpoint and Lakeland, fighting for a paddle. In order to get the students involved, the council would put together a spirit week leading up to the big day. They also do the same thing for Homecoming.

All of which had to be set up and the themes for each day of that week had to be decided. 

Like stated, posters are a way for students to remember the names and put one down when voting. They also show that the person who is running is determined. But you can have determination and bad grades, and bad grades most likely won’t get you in the council.

The students who are running like Suzie Nicholes and Emma Goad are giving people candy to persuade them or even bribe them into voting for them. Which is normally what students do.

Nicholes believes she won’t get a vote by just bribing students, she states, “I’m a pretty good student, I get my work done and I’m responsible.” This means that by being responsible her ability to multitask will be pretty good which is a good trait to have when running.