The World of Tik Tok

The World of Tik Tok

Brelyn Ganske, News Writer

In the magical world of Tik Tok you never know what you might find. From the original asmr videos to the new dances that randomly get created in one day. 

One of the most viral videos is Zach King’s Harry Potter Ilusion video with 2.2 billion views. Zach King manages to have more than one Tik Tok video with over a billion views. 

Although the videos with thousands and millions of views are most likely to pop up, you scroll through your “for you page” you could just possibly go past a tik tok that only has 20 views and not even realize it.

The for you page algorithm is set up to show you tik toks that are similar to the videos you like or share. If you are following a certain account it will give you similar content to which you watch normally.

To gain followers on TikTok most people go live or do similar tik toks to those that went viral, often recreating a trend. 

Although many people can become popular through one video, many show their opinion on certain views and lose many followers. People can even get shadowbanned or blocked by one single person. 

Shadowbanning is the blocking of a user on the for you page or other pages like that on other social media sites. If you are shadowbanned you will not know because people that are following you will still have access to your content. 

There are many different generations of people that are on TikTok but the ones that stand out are teenagers or young adults. Many of these people go on TikTok to get advice and information on all sorts of different subjects. 

On average, students at Lakeland High School usually spend around three hours a day on Tik Tok.

Bethany Jensen a sophomore at LHS states “I go onto TikTok to get away from depression and escape reality.”

The reason for the name TikTok is because the videos have such little time. Each video can last between 15 to 60 seconds. TikTok is also the most downloaded app on the internet, being used in all countries around the world.