Snow go or Snow no

Devon Howell, Sports Writer

Last year it was a virus making it difficult for spring sports to practice and play now its something else the snow is still falling, and it is causing a lot of confusion upon the Lakeland high school spring sports teams. Are they going to have practice, practice in the gym, or are they just not going to practice at all. The other questions being asked by athletes is if the competitions will be postponed or cancelled.

Snow on the track affects the ability to run and throw and even jump along with other events. However there are other ways that you can practice and the track team is taking full advantage  of the indoor resources of the gym by running sprints. 

With tennis the ball needs to be able to bounce and if there is snow on the ground it creates a cushion for the ball and it can’t be returned. So there is no way to practice outside. The tennis team had a match earlier this week that got cancelled due to the snow fall.

You can play baseball in the snow but it makes it fairly difficult to chase the ball or run the bases. However the Hawks (0-3) scheduled game for March 25th against the Lewiston Bangles (3-1). 

When will the snow go away so that spring sports can go back to normal.