New Schedule For Final Quarter


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Editor

Most students really like the school schedule. 48 minute classes, 8 minute passing periods and two 30 minute lunches. First lunch being for the Freshman and the Second being for Sophomores through Seniors who also get off campus lunch.

As of March…. 2021, the beginning of the quarter, there will be a new schedule. It involves taking 3 minutes off our passing periods and adding them to each class period then combining both 1st and 2nd lunch periods. Meaning we will all have the same lunch.

There will most likely be some issues with that because the Freshman may sneak onto off campus lunch because now they are blended in with grades 10-12.

Another issue we may run into is the lunch room capacity. Adding a whole new grade could take up more space and minimize the seating availability. Also, the cooks will have to cook a lot more to feed more stomachs all at the same time. 

Freshman are new to the building which means the other grades tend to pick on them because of it.

Some benefits this schedule change could possibly have is less bells and more work time.

Mr. Derrick, the principal at Lakeland High School, had met with the department chairs as a result from hearing feedback from teachers wishing they had at least a few more minutes of instructional time that way they could potentially add more to their lessons.

The Freshman would be joining our lunch period, like stated in paragraph 3, the Freshman would have to convince the staff that they should go on office campus lunch, but Derrick states he’s not up for convincing as of right now, also as of next year the Freshman having off campus is a no

One benefit Derrick states that comes with having the same lunch is that all the teachers would have all their students available at the same time. They wouldn’t have to worry about their classes during each lunch or waiting for them to be available in class.

His goal was to get us back into the regular 5 minute passing period that way we were comfortable by next year. Though teachers and students enjoyed the 8 minute passing period the few minutes of instruction time that they now have may benefit them more than nothing.

Also, Derrick states, “With having all these spring activities and assemblies that having a few more minutes of instruction time will be more of a benefit plus the cleanliness of the schedule will make things easier.”