One Year After Covid


Brelyn Ganske, News Writer

On Friday, March 13, 2020, the Lakeland School District was trying to make the decision on whether or not to put the students into quarantine/online school. With 556 cases in the United States at the time people were not sure what might happen if they didn’t make lockdown mandatory. 

While on March 13, 2021, we are slowly coming out of COVID and already the cases are going downward at an unusual rate. That day there were only 49,278 supposed cases in the entire US.

In between both of those dates there were a variety of multiple cases. But the research that has gone into COVID-19 is completely insane compared to the other vaccines scientists have produced.

The highest number of cases was on January 8, 2021, with 300,619 cases. After that COVID cases started to decrease at an alarming rate. 

Most people would say that they are glad we are finally getting the states back to normal, although some think we are still in a downward spiral. 

Though people have their opinions on what they feel life is like right now, most agree that quarantine brought people together and showed who they really were. Most people found new hobbies that help them when they can’t concentrate or something random to do when they are bored. 

A lot of people had hardships and losses while in quarantine but they made it through by the help of friends and family. Although some people may have found how to share their opinions, some people found that they have some disorders or mental illnesses. 

Some states and towns are still on lockdown and students are doing online school. Washington, which is only half an hour away from Rathdrum, is still doing at least some partially online school.

Other states like California, New Mexico, Wisconsin and Kentucky still have larger restrictions on what the citizens can do. 

While in Idaho and some other states we don’t have a mask mandate and stores don’t have many social distancing rules anymore. Most stores just recommend that you wear a mask but some of the workers don’t wear masks either.

Some Idaho school districts have been going to school five days a week with their normal schedule. 

In the other states, the schools are still somewhat online or completely shut down and all online still. These states also have mask mandates, some stores are closed and social distancing and masks are required.