Local student saves man’s life


Matthew Wirtz, News Writer

On March 13, a man collapsed due to cardiac arrest while playing pickleball. A trainer called for help, when a Lakeland High School sophomore student, Jameson Elliott, answered the call.

Jameson looked outside and a man laying down at the court unconscious. 

Elliot, remembering the incident, stated, “As soon as I saw him laying down, I ran and grabbed the AEDs that I saw in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago.”

When Jameson finished grabbing the AEDs, he ran to the man’s aid. Elliott’s trainer cut open his while Jameson made quick work of applying the AEDs. 

“I attached the machine to him and did some chest compressions. The AED’s told me to take my hands off of him so I did. It sent a shock through him and he regained consciousness.”

A registered nurse then came out to help and EMTs quickly responded to the emergency. They loaded him into an ambulance and drove off. 

That’s when it hit Jameson what had happened.

“I had so much adrenaline going that I didn’t realize what was happening while it was happening. Afterwards I was amazed and nervous over what had happened,” stated Elliot.

Elliot believes that everyone should have some first aid training to help others.

“I believe everyone should know CPR and how to use AEDs. With cardiac arrest being so common, everyone should know it. Every minute someone goes without help while experiencing something like that has a less chance of survival,” Elliot said.

Jameson Elliot learned how to use AEDs and do CPR in his Health class with Brian Etchison.

“One thing I tell my students in health is that they will learn practical skills in this class that you will use for the rest of their lives. It was pretty cool to see that come to fruition,” Etchison stated.

An EMT and firefighter for Northern Lakes comes to LHS and trains the students in health on how to do CPR and use AEDs. Most will teach CPR by using Staying Alive by The BeeGee’s, however, this firefighter teaches newer and more contemporary songs to students.