Concrete or Dirt Roads?


Melia Blackwell, Opinions Editor

When you think of the city you think of places like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Well, not every city in the country is as populated as those cities. Many love the city because it, in a way, shows wealth or you have the opportunity to meet more people.

Here in Rathdrum, we’re considered a small town. Not everyone knows each other but if you attend the schools or the churches, you could meet a decent majority.

Some like it here because it’s slightly North from Coeur d’Alene and isn’t as populated or crowded. Sadly some are disappointed that there are apartments being put in the open spaces because that’s all builders are putting in. 

The “country” is considered like farmland or the woods to most people. Some think that all those  people care about are their farm animals and hunting. But really, it’s just a bunch of people who enjoy the land and like to explore, see new things and places.

Ty Davis, a Sophomore at Lakeland Highschool, states, “Country life by a solid mile. It has so much more to offer and I’ve always been raised in the country. The city just limits your ability to branch and explore.”

What does the city have to offer that the “country” does not? The city has our resources available: Grocery stores, restaurants, power, gas stations, and etc.

Outside the city line onto farmland you have the houses that live off selling their crops to the markets or they are retired living their best life. 

One thing the country has that the city doesn’t is peaceful or quiet areas. You don’t hear sirens, lots of cars driving by, horns or semi’s switching through all their gears. 

The people who live out there can just let loose and do their everyday things without being bothered.

For some, they love the country but dress like they’re from the city or they love the city and dress like they’re from the country.

Usually you can tell where someone is from based on how they talk, their looks, and even their smells. For example, some could say city boys smell like peppermints while country boys smell like old spice and pine trees.

The people, on the other hand, can vary because they can have the same interests or even different ones. For example, they could be into different music or they could have different hobbies.