Lakeland Takes the Loss

Devon Howell, Sports Writer

The Lakeland High School tennis team had their first competition on March 16 against the Post Falls Trojans.

The Hawks practiced hard the week before and Monday at practice but so did the Trojan and they put up a good fight and would pull in their first win of the season.

The Hawks lost to the Trojan 9 to 3 on Tuesdays match up. 

Marwin Warnick would win the first set 6-1 and the second set 6-0 over Jacob Ditto from Post Falls in a singles match. Bo Wilding would pull the second win for the Hawks with a first set 6-0 win and a second set win 6-2 also in a singles match. The third win from the Hawks would come from a 6-0 first set and a 6-0 second set by Malika Warnick in another singles match.

Some of the close matches came from Ricky Yaple in the single matches. For the double matches Quin Mcgovern and Rachel Moen. Another doubles match that came close was Cameron Paquette and Elle Brown. 

The Hawks will continue to practice and work to improve to beat their next opponents.