Ski Tripping


Wyatt Aramburu, News Editor

Pizza and French fry are the most basic ski positions and this year it was necessary for students to know. This year Lauren Eleazer has arranged to take different students from Lakeland High School on a skiing trip to Silver Mountain. Most students went to learn the basics of skiing. 

This year has been one of the best years for skiing even during the pandemic. With more and more people skiing at places like Silver Mountain and Schweitzer mountain resort, it is hard to find lift tickets that aren’t already sold out yet.

When the LHS students went to Silver Mountain, they claimed that the snow was terrible. The snow melted the day before and it froze during the night. Skiing and ice are not a good combination.

Ms. Eleazer shared what she thinks about the ski trip and what she wants for the future. 

“I’m proud of the students skiing or snowboarding for the first time. Get out there and try something new. I would love to arrange a few trips every year.”

Eleazer also stated that she hopes to add the waterpark and tubing next year at Silver and she also hopes to go to Schweitzer.

Hailey Wear, a Freshman at Lakeland stated, “I felt the snow was good on one of the black diamonds.” She also states, “I feel we should have two ski trips instead of just one because skiing is a fun sport that everyone should get into.” 

Wear has also been skiing since she was in fifth grade and she said that the ski trip was worth it and that she would do it again.

“The snow was pretty bad on the mountain, it was mostly just ice but it was still pretty easy to control,” stated Gabe Means, a sophomore at Lakeland.