Over 50 days in


Matthew Wirtz, News Writer

President Joe Biden has been in office for a little more than 50 days. Since then, Biden has passed a number of actions. He passed a record with 37 presidential actions in the first week alone.

A lot of Biden’s actions have reversed the previous president, Trump, actions. 22 out of his 50 executive actions have reversed actions placed by Trump.

Some of his actions reflect his immigration policies. In his first couple days in office, he halted funding for Trump’s wall on the border of Mexico. Biden has also dissolved the travel ban to muslim countries.

Joe Biden is also pushing to ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons. He is also pushing where individuals can only purchase one firearm per month. Biden also plans on instituting background checks for individuals trying to purchase firearms. However, this system is already in place.

Biden plans to shut down the sale of online firearms. He also plans to offer buy back programs in an attempt to get guns off of American streets. 

Biden has also chosen to rejoin the Paris climate agreement. He plans to spend two trillion USD on clean electricity, transportation and building sectors. His goal is, by 2035, to completely use fossil fuels. He plans on moving away from oil, coal and gas.

 One of Biden’s more unpopular decisions includes sending missile strikes to Syria. Biden planned to send a message in these strikes. However, during a missile strike on Feb. 15th, a US soldier was wounded.

Biden has also fought for racial equality. It condemns racism, xenophobia and hate towards Asian Americans. It also plans to work with the US Justice to prevent hate crimes and harassment towards Asian Americans as much as possible.

Another thing Biden has done is lift a ban against transgender people being in the military. The ban was set by Trump and lifted by Biden. The president believes that people should be able to serve no matter their gender.